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Finished art commission for Testing Gravity, cartoon style cover art for their album
Cartoon style album cover art

If you are looking for cartoon style album cover illustrator then do not hesitate to contact me to help with your project or illustration. I strive to provide the best quality I can deliver.

More info about commissions

About Sotuland Illustration Studio

We are comic style digital Illustration studio based in Estonia. We do visual storytelling, covers and comic illustrations for books, albums, web, games, posters and much more. Our main focus is comic style illustrations and we have happy clients worldwide and we are eager to keep growing and helping everyone bring their projects to life. My art looks more of a European comic book style, influenced by Moebius and other European comic artists. I strongly believe in giving a great service and  to provide the best quality I can deliver. If you’re excited to get started, then do not hesitate to contact us to help with your project.

Before ordering please, do not hesitate to contact me to and tell me specifically about your concept & idea and give me a samples or references about the artwork you want.

How I work?

  1. After ordering I will send you a rough sketch at early stage. At this stage If you need changes, I will redraw or add things. 
  2. After approval of the sketch I will create the line art, add color and finalize the illustration


If you’re trading as a limited liability company, I would accept a 50% down payment and then the rest upon completion of the artwork. If you’re an individual, I may ask for payment upfront.

How do you take payment?

I take PayPal, bank transfer, credit/debit cards and I also take cryptocurrencies.

Contact me to confirm pricing and availability. Looking forward to work with you.

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