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In the heart of Switzerland,, a local purveyor of fine cigars, embarked on a unique Christmas gesture to express gratitude to their cherished customers. The vision: a bespoke gift of teacups, each adorned with a whimsical illustration capturing the essence of the season and their premium cigars.

The Concept: A Whimsical Christmas Soiree envisioned a design that seamlessly blended the festive spirit with their signature products. The concept took shape as a Christmas-inspired character joyfully hugging a Torpedo-Cigar, transformed into a rocket soaring through the night sky. The rocket-cigar, complete with the company logo on its label, would convey a sense of speed and holiday cheer.

Crafting the Illustration

Our illustration studio delved into bringing this whimsical idea to life. The Christmas-man, radiating joy, embraced the rocket-cigar, which took center stage as it zoomed through a starry night. The logo, intricately integrated into the label design, added a personalized touch, making it uniquely

Dynamic Elements for a Vibrant Feel

To impart a dynamic and vibrant energy, the rocket-cigar was illustrated with a sense of motion, creating the illusion of speed as it traversed the celestial expanse. The choice of colors and detailing aimed to evoke a festive atmosphere while highlighting the premium nature of the cigars.

Client Collaboration

Throughout the project, collaboration with was paramount. Regular consultations and feedback loops ensured that the illustration aligned seamlessly with the company’s vision, capturing the desired blend of holiday whimsy and premium cigar presentation.

Results: A Gift of Joy and Appreciation

The final illustration materialized as a lively and festive masterpiece, ready to grace the teacups bound for’s valued customers. The rocket-cigar, bearing the company’s emblem, became a playful symbol of gratitude, racing through the Christmas sky to bring cheer to each recipient.

Elevating Your Brand’s Festive Gesture

If you’re envisioning a distinctive and personalized gift for your customers, our illustration studio is here to bring your ideas to life. Contact us to discuss your project, and let’s infuse your festive expressions with the magic of bespoke illustrations. Explore the possibilities with Sotuland Illustration Studio!

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